ZD racing EX16 1/16 RTR 超跑RC无刷遥控车(包邮)ZD racing EX16 RTR super running RC brushless remote control car (Free Shipping)

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ZD racing EX16 1/16 RTR 超跑RC无刷遥控车

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Product Code: ZD racing EX16 1/16 RTR 超跑RC无刷遥控车

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ZD racing EX16 爆改野马 1/16 RTR 超跑RC无刷遥控车

ZD racing EX16 RTR super running RC brushless remote control car



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EX16是一款由ZD racing专业团队打造的1/16入门级RTR超跑平路车,基于漂移大师砖叔Ken Block爆改的1965年野马为原型进行仿真设计,EX16还附带仿真的前后灯组、铝合金轮圈以及各种外观细节件还原件。车架使用了轻量化结构,到手即玩,无论漂移还是竞速均能胜任。EX16新车提供有刷和无刷版本供玩家选择。

EX16 is a 1/16 entry-level RTR supercar built by the professional team of ZD racing. It is based on the simulation design of the 1965 Mustang, which was modified by the drift master Ken Block. EX16 also comes with simulated front and rear lights , aluminum alloy rims and restorations of various exterior details. The frame uses a lightweight structure, ready to play, whether it is drifting or racing. The new EX16 car provides brushed and brushless versions for players to choose from.


The EX16 weighs about 0.6KG. The high-speed bearings, all-metal CVD drive shaft, metal differential gear and bottom plate, second floor plate, and front and rear shock absorbers are made of 2.0mm thick 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, and CNC lightweight hollowing process. After anodic hardening, the high-gloss chamfering is used, and the brushless version also uses aluminum alloy hydraulic shock absorbers. ZD will also launch other classic car shells for selection.




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